Resident & Fellows


Plan to meet your attending in the clinic as follows:

  • Mondays       9am                    7Maleng South Provider Room or 4Maleng Vascular Clinic
  • Tuesdays       9am                    7Maleng South Provider Room
  • Wednesdays 1pm                    7Maleng North Provider Room
  • Thursdays     9am                    7Maleng South Provider Room
  • Fridays          9am                     7Maleng South Provider Room

You will be expected to perform 1-2 comprehensive new patient evaluations each clinic. Each appointment is 75 minutes long, and you will have approximately 30 minutes to perform an evaluation.


Please meet the attending at the Hospital Medicine offices on 2CT (rooms 77 or 78) at 9am on our first day.  You will be emailed specific information prior to your rotation.

You will be expected to see and write notes on the inpatient post-operative patients, as well as performing at least 1 comprehensive new patient evaluation during clinic (see above for locations).